Is it really legal to print our own currency?

Think of Cochrane Dollars as store vouchers or gift coupons that we use all the time. Cochrane Dollars are, in practical terms, store vouchers that can be used with participating retailers or with any of your neighbours who would like to support local business and local jobs.

What makes Cochrane Dollars valuable? Aren’t they just paper?

Yes, they are just paper (plastic, actually), but for each Cochrane Dollar in circulation there is a Canadian dollar held in account for it.  The important part is that you can trade a Cochrane Dollar for local goods and services and, at the same time, you’re helping maintain and create local jobs.

How much are Cochrane Dollars worth?

C$1.00 = CAD$1.00 which means the Cochrane Dollars are pegged to the Canadian dollar.

How long have Cochrane Dollars been available?

The currency launched on May 19, 2017

Where do I get Cochrane Dollars?

New Cochrane Dollars are sold at ATB Financial, Cochrane branch only. Cochrane Dollars that are in circulation can be received in change, received as a bonus on your purchase or purchased from participating local businesses.

What do I do when I have them?

Spend them, collect them or make them a gift for someone special. They are being used for children’s allowance, as gifts to visiting relatives and friends, as souvenirs to take home, as promotions in businesses and for many other purposes. They’re money and you will be able to use them to buy just about anything available in Cochrane.

How does this help the community?

Cochrane Dollars help in many ways, such as direct economic impact and community pride. Having a local currency is prestigious and attracts world-wide attention to our community. Locals enjoy keeping their business local and this is one way to focus our attention on our neighbors’ businesses.  In addition, Cochrane Dollars have a direct impact, as any interest that is generated from the Canadian dollars that accumulate in the account will go to assist local projects.

Do Cochrane Dollars ever expire?

No. The Canadian dollars in account for Cochrane Dollars will be held indefinitely.

Can Cochrane Dollars be counterfeited?

Without being too overconfident, Cochrane Dollars are among the most secure documents printed anywhere in the world. We have arranged hidden security features that even many national currencies don’t include, and counterfeiters would have much more reason to try to fake those currencies than ours. Nonetheless we’re always vigilant and take continuous active measures to protect the security and trust of our bills. As a merchant or consumer it is your responsibility to handle Cochrane Dollars with the same diligence as you handle Canadian dollars.

How can my business arrange to use Cochrane Dollars?

Just register on this website so that your business is in the participants list and then pick up your Cochrane Dollar window decal, security feature information sheet and cash register sticker at the Cochrane Visitor Information Centre at 521 First street West. You can purchase Cochrane Dollars to use in promotions for your business and, if your business banks with ATB Financial in Cochrane, you can deposit Cochrane Dollars directly into your Canadian dollar accounts.

How can I buy Cochrane Dollar banknotes as a collector?

Uncirculated Cochrane Dollars are available at ATB Financial in Cochrane.  We will also be selling uncirculated Cochrane Dollar banknotes and collectors’ sets of Cochrane Dollars through our online store in the future.

Is Cochrane the only community with a local currency?

No, there are other communities in Canada and around the world that also have local currencies, however, not all of these local currency projects operate in the same way that the Cochrane Dollar does, as each have their own goals and objectives.